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Oyun Dilini Türkçeye Çevir
Is Playing Games Waste of Time
Nebulous City Click to see this route's zone global map. This is the best way of finding your path Click to see all zones (1-19) world map image. Big size image
Average Level: 0
Average EXP: 0
Average Gold: 0
Different Pokémon: 0
Ultra Rare Pokémon: 0
Legendary Pokémon: 0
Shiny Pokémon: 0
Route Order 486
The Reachable Maps From This Map
NPC Trainers found on this Map
Dark Trainer
4,534,244 EXP
226,712 Gold
1 x Escape Rope
1 x Rare Candy
Name Class Level Held Item
Tyranitar Ultra Rare 97 Confusing Weapon
Name Class Level Held Item
Kyogre-Orca Legendary 99 SpAttack Weapon
Name Class Level Held Item
Yveltal Legendary 100 Mystical Weapon
Dark Trainer
750,225 EXP
37,511 Gold
1 x Attractive Player
1 x Horrifying Player
Name Class Level Held Item
Pangoro Rare 97 Poisonous Weapon
Name Class Level Held Item
Umbreon-Frozen Ultra Rare 99 Freezing Weapon
Dark Trainer
1,468,995 EXP
73,449 Gold
1 x Critical Weapon
1 x Life Drain
Name Class Level Held Item
Honchkrow Rare 96 Paralyzing Fang
Name Class Level Held Item
Krookodile Ultra Rare 96 Freezing Weapon
Name Class Level Held Item
Vaporeon-Skull Ultra Rare 99 Sleeping Weapon
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