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Tulip City Click to see this route's zone global map. This is the best way of finding your path Click to see all zones (1-19) world map image. Big size image
Average Level: 0
Average EXP: 0
Average Gold: 1
Different Pokémon: 0
Ultra Rare Pokémon: 0
Legendary Pokémon: 0
Shiny Pokémon: 0
Route Order 47
The Reachable Maps From This Map
NPC Trainers found on this Map
Grass Trainer
7,726 EXP
386 Gold
1 x PP Up
1 x Wide Arcanum
Name Class Level Held Item
Skiddo Uncommon 11 Brutal Weapon
Name Class Level Held Item
Carnivine Rare 12 Accuracy Weapon
Grass Trainer
30,930 EXP
1,546 Gold
1 x Ultimate Potion
1 x Move Relearner
Name Class Level Held Item
Deerling-Autumn Uncommon 10 Gale Force Boots
Name Class Level Held Item
Maractus Rare 12 Grass Crystal
Name Class Level Held Item
Tangela Rare 12 Sword and Shield
Name Class Level Held Item
Tropius Rare 12 Evasion Armor
Name Class Level Held Item
Shiny-Bellsprout Shiny 18 Poison Crystal
Grass Trainer
1,739 EXP
86 Gold
1 x Healing Potion
1 x Great Ball
1 x Regular Potion
Name Class Level Held Item
Deerling Uncommon 10 Speed Armor
Name Class Level Held Item
Deerling-Winter Uncommon 10 Survival Armor
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