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Shiny Cosmog

Class: Shiny Legendary
Catch Rate: 22
Level Gain Rate: S Slow
Base Reward EXP: 360
Reward EV Point: HP: 1
Shiny Cosmog in game: 393 Who?
AVG Level: 91
Gender Ratios:
Pokemon Id: 2789

Base Stats

HP: 53
Attack: 36
Defense: 38
SpAttack: 36
SpDefense: 38
Speed: 46
Total: 247
Default Ability 1: Expert Leader
Default Ability 2: Stat Novice
Default Ability 3: Radiation
Concept Artist: Nintendo
Artwork Artist: 3Paula3

Where Shiny Cosmog can be captured:

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Shiny Cosmog's elemental sensitivity to the enemy attacks:

: 200% : 200% : 100% : 100% : 50% : 100% : 100% : 200% : 100%
: 100% : 100% : 100% : 100% : 100% : 50% : 100% : 100% : 100%

Shiny Cosmog's Transformation Line

#2789 Shiny Cosmog
Psychic (Type 1)
Level 49
Minimum happiness: 220
#2790 Shiny Cosmoem
Psychic (Type 1)
Level 84
Minimum happiness: 220
Only during Day
#2791 Shiny Solgaleo
Psychic (Type 1) Steel (Type 2)
Level 97
Use item Legendary Gem
If Pokemon current id is 2791
#10791 Shiny Mega Solgaleo
Psychic (Type 1) Steel (Type 2)
#2789 Shiny Cosmog
Psychic (Type 1)
Level 49
Minimum happiness: 220
#2790 Shiny Cosmoem
Psychic (Type 1)
Level 84
Minimum happiness: 220
Only during Night
#2792 Shiny Lunala
Psychic (Type 1) Ghost (Type 2)
Level 99
Use item Legendary Gem
If Pokemon current id is 2792
#10792 Shiny Mega Lunala
Psychic (Type 1) Ghost (Type 2)

Shiny Cosmog's Other Forms

#789 Cosmog
Psychic (Type 1)

Shiny Cosmog's Level-Up Attacks

ID: 585 Splash Level: 1 Category: Status Base Power: 1 PP: 40 Accuracy: 1000
ID: 638 Teleport Level: 23 Category: Status Base Power: 1 PP: 15 Accuracy: 1000

TM (Technical Machine) Moves Shiny Cosmog Can Learn

Pokémon: Shiny Cosmog - Level Gain Rate: S Slow - Class: Shiny
This level gain rate Pokémon required total EXP amounts for each level
L 1: 0 EXP
L 2: 120 EXP
L 3: 396 EXP
L 4: 960 EXP
L 5: 1,872 EXP
L 6: 3,240 EXP
L 7: 5,136 EXP
L 8: 7,680 EXP
L 9: 10,932 EXP
L 10: 15,000 EXP
L 11: 19,956 EXP
L 12: 25,920 EXP
L 13: 32,952 EXP
L 14: 41,160 EXP
L 15: 50,616 EXP
L 16: 61,440 EXP
L 17: 73,692 EXP
L 18: 87,480 EXP
L 19: 102,876 EXP
L 20: 120,000 EXP
L 21: 138,912 EXP
L 22: 159,720 EXP
L 23: 182,496 EXP
L 24: 207,360 EXP
L 25: 234,372 EXP
L 26: 263,640 EXP
L 27: 295,236 EXP
L 28: 329,280 EXP
L 29: 365,832 EXP
L 30: 405,000 EXP
L 31: 446,856 EXP
L 32: 491,520 EXP
L 33: 539,052 EXP
L 34: 589,560 EXP
L 35: 643,116 EXP
L 36: 699,840 EXP
L 37: 759,792 EXP
L 38: 823,080 EXP
L 39: 889,776 EXP
L 40: 960,000 EXP
L 41: 1,033,812 EXP
L 42: 1,111,320 EXP
L 43: 1,192,596 EXP
L 44: 1,277,760 EXP
L 45: 1,366,872 EXP
L 46: 1,460,040 EXP
L 47: 1,557,336 EXP
L 48: 1,658,880 EXP
L 49: 1,764,732 EXP
L 50: 1,875,000 EXP
L 51: 1,989,756 EXP
L 52: 2,109,120 EXP
L 53: 2,233,152 EXP
L 54: 2,361,960 EXP
L 55: 2,495,616 EXP
L 56: 2,634,240 EXP
L 57: 2,777,892 EXP
L 58: 2,926,680 EXP
L 59: 3,080,676 EXP
L 60: 3,240,000 EXP
L 61: 3,404,712 EXP
L 62: 3,574,920 EXP
L 63: 3,750,696 EXP
L 64: 3,932,160 EXP
L 65: 4,119,372 EXP
L 66: 4,312,440 EXP
L 67: 4,511,436 EXP
L 68: 4,716,480 EXP
L 69: 4,927,632 EXP
L 70: 5,145,000 EXP
L 71: 5,368,656 EXP
L 72: 5,598,720 EXP
L 73: 5,835,252 EXP
L 74: 6,078,360 EXP
L 75: 6,328,116 EXP
L 76: 6,584,640 EXP
L 77: 6,847,992 EXP
L 78: 7,118,280 EXP
L 79: 7,395,576 EXP
L 80: 7,680,000 EXP
L 81: 7,971,612 EXP
L 82: 8,270,520 EXP
L 83: 8,576,796 EXP
L 84: 8,890,560 EXP
L 85: 9,211,872 EXP
L 86: 9,540,840 EXP
L 87: 9,877,536 EXP
L 88: 10,222,080 EXP
L 89: 10,574,532 EXP
L 90: 10,935,000 EXP
L 91: 11,303,556 EXP
L 92: 11,680,320 EXP
L 93: 12,065,352 EXP
L 94: 12,458,760 EXP
L 95: 12,860,616 EXP
L 96: 13,271,040 EXP
L 97: 13,690,092 EXP
L 98: 14,117,880 EXP
L 99: 14,554,476 EXP
L 100: 15,000,000 EXP
L 101: 15,750,000 EXP
L 102: 16,537,000 EXP
L 103: 17,363,000 EXP
L 104: 18,231,000 EXP
L 105: 19,142,000 EXP
L 106: 20,099,000 EXP
L 107: 21,103,000 EXP
L 108: 22,158,000 EXP
L 109: 23,265,000 EXP
L 110: 24,428,000 EXP
L 111: 25,649,000 EXP
L 112: 26,931,000 EXP
L 113: 28,277,000 EXP
L 114: 29,690,000 EXP
L 115: 31,174,000 EXP
L 116: 32,732,000 EXP
L 117: 34,368,000 EXP
L 118: 36,086,000 EXP
L 119: 37,890,000 EXP
L 120: 39,784,000 EXP

Important notice! Pokemon Shiny Cosmog is a fictional character of humans.
There is only single Creator of everything and anything
All Pokemon are made up by humans based on real animals or existing objects.
The stroies of Pokemon are all fictional and in most cases illogical or nonsense.
Games are for only fun time and do never put any spiritual/religional or deity meaning into them!
Never pass your necessary jobs and duties due to gameplaying!
Moreover, there is no such thing as random evolution. However, there can be evolution programmed by Almighty Creator Allah.

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Cosmog (Pokémon)

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Tapu Fini #788: Tapu Fini
#790: Cosmoem Cosmoem
This article is about the species. For a specific instance of this species, see Cosmog (disambiguation).
Nebula Pokémon
Images on the Bulbagarden Archives
Gender ratio
Gender unknown
Catch rate
45 (11.9%)
Egg Group
Hatch time
30840 - 31096 steps
Egg not obtainable
0'08" 0.2 m
0.2 lbs. 0.1 kg
Base experience yield
Leveling rate
EV yield
Total: 1
Pokédex color
Base friendship
External Links
  • On Smogon Pokédex
  • Artwork on Bulbagarden Archives

Cosmog (Japaneseコスモッグ Cosmog) is a Psychic-type Legendary Pokémon introduced in Generation VII.

It evolves into Cosmoem starting at level 43, which evolves into either Solgaleo or Lunala starting at level 53 depending on the game it evolves in:

  • In Pokémon SunUltra Sun, and Sword, Cosmoem evolves into Solgaleo.
  • In Pokémon MoonUltra Moon, and Shield, Cosmoem evolves into Lunala.


Cosmog is a small Pokémon with a gaseous body similar to a nebula. The gases that make up its body range in color from violet to light blue. The very center of its body is black both in front and back. The black space on the front contains its face, which consists of beady yellow eyes, circular blue cheeks, and a small mouth. The space on the back has only a single blue dot. There is a golden half-circlet on both the top and bottom half of its body, which divides it exactly in half. Two wispy extensions containing starry specks serve as its arms. Cosmog's gaseous body makes it one of the lightest Pokémon in existence.

Cosmog's body is frail and easily blown away. However, it is carefree and doesn't seem to mind. It collects dust from the atmosphere, which allows it to grow slowly. Cosmog has the ability to warp itself and those close to it, as well as open Ultra Wormholes, but only when under stress. This process is very dangerous for Cosmog, and the use of its powers can leave it immobile for extended periods of time. Cosmog is theorized by the Aether Foundation to be a type of Ultra Beast, and its name was coined by one of the professors at the Foundation. In ages past, it was known as the “child of the stars”. In behavior, Cosmog has an overly trusting nature and it immediately takes a liking to whoever shows it kindness, even when that person doesn't have the best intentions for it.[1] Cosmog is known to be very curious but not very cautious, this behavior has often lead to Cosmog being willing to put itself in danger, only to teleport away in case things get dicey. This Pokémon can be tamed by Solgaleo and Lunala.

In the anime

Main series

Cosmog in the anime

Major appearances

Nebby (anime)

A Cosmog nicknamed Nebby debuted in A Dream Encounter!. In Faba's Revenge!, it evolved into Cosmoem, which then evolved into a Solgaleo in Revealing the Stuff of Legend!.

Minor appearances

A Cosmog appeared in a fantasy in Now You See Them, Now You Don't!.

Pokédex entries

Episode Subject Source Entry
SM044 Cosmog Rotom Pokédex Now, that's unusual! My research doesn't contain any Pokémon data for it at all!



A Cosmog briefly appeared in GOTCHA! alongside Lillie.

In the manga

Cosmog in Pokémon Adventures

Pokémon Adventures

Main article: Light trio (Adventures)

A Cosmog nicknamed Nebby first appeared in The Decision and the Tournament of Six, under the care of Lillie. It was first seen escaping from Lillie's bag and running off to Mahalo Trail, where it was attacked by wild Spearow. When Moon stepped in to save it, Nebby broke the bridge they were standing on, causing both to fall towards the water until they were saved by Tapu Koko. It later evolved into a Cosmoem and then into a Lunala.

Another Cosmog first appeared in Confusion and Monsters from Another World, under the control of Guzma. It was used to open multiple Ultra Wormholes around Po Town to summon Ultra Beasts. It later evolved into a Cosmoem and then into a Solgaleo.

A Cosmog appeared in a fantasy in Summon the Emissaries of the Moon and the Sun.

In the TCG

Main article: Cosmog (TCG)

Game data

NPC appearances

Main article: Nebby
Spoiler warning: this article may contain major plot or ending details.
  • Pokémon Sun, MoonUltra Sun, and Ultra MoonLillie travels with a Cosmog nicknamed Nebby that she rescued from the Aether Foundation, who were trying to exploit its abilities. It eventually evolves into Cosmoem, and then SolgaleoSUS/LunalaMUM.
201 Spoilers end here. 201
  • Pokémon Sword and Shield: A Cosmog nicknamed Fwoofy resides with an elderly woman in Freezington. Once the player stops Glastrier's/Spectrier's attack on the village, the woman offers to let Fwoofy travel with the player.

Pokédex entries

This Pokémon was unavailable prior to Generation VII.
Generation VII   Alola
SM: #289
USUM: #387
This Pokémon has no Pokédex entries in Let's Go, Pikachu! and Let's Go, Eevee!‎.
Sun Its body is gaseous and frail. It slowly grows as it collects dust from the atmosphere.
Moon In ages past, it was called the child of the stars. It's said to be a Pokémon from another world, but no specific details are known.
Ultra Sun Even though its helpless, gaseous body can be blown away by the slightest breeze, it doesn't seem to care.
Ultra Moon Whether or not it's a Pokémon from this world is a mystery. When it's in a jam, it warps away to a safe place to hide.
Generation VIII     Galar
Sword This Pokémon came from another universe. Its gaseous body is so light that even a gentle breeze can blow it away.
Shield Cosmog is very curious but not very cautious, often placing itself in danger. If things start to look dicey, it teleports away.


Game locations

This Pokémon was unavailable prior to Generation VII.
Generation VII  
Lake of the Sunne (only one)
Lake of the Moone (only one)
Ultra Sun
Lake of the Sunne (only one)
Ultra Moon
Lake of the Moone (only one)
Let's Go Pikachu Let's Go Eevee
Generation VIII  
Sword Shield
Expansion Pass
Received from an elderly woman in Freezington after stopping Glastrier's/Spectrier's attack


In side games

Generation VII  
Rumble Rush
Mimikyu SeaFinalRowlet SeaFinal
Event: A Great Chance a Day!



Base stats

Stat Range
At Lv. 50 At Lv. 100
103 - 150 196 - 290
30 - 89 56 - 172
32 - 91 60 - 177
Sp. Atk:
30 - 89 56 - 172
Sp. Def:
32 - 91 60 - 177
37 - 97 71 - 190
Other Pokémon with this total
  • Minimum stats are calculated with 0 EVsIVs of 0, and (if applicable) a hindering nature.
  • Maximum stats are calculated with 252 EVsIVs of 31, and (if applicable) a helpful nature.


Type effectiveness

Under normal battle conditions in Generation VIII, this Pokémon is:  
normally by:
Weak to:
Immune to:
Resistant to:
Fighting ½×
Psychic ½×


By leveling up

Generation VIII
Other generations:
 Level   Move   Type   Cat.   Pwr.   Acc.   PP
1 Splash Normal Status —% 40
1 Teleport Psychic Status —% 20
  • Bold indicates a move that gets STAB when used by Cosmog
  • Italic indicates a move that gets STAB only when used by an evolution of Cosmog


Generation VIII
Other generations:
   TM   Move   Type   Cat.   Pwr.   Acc.   PP 
This Pokémon learns no moves by TM.
This Pokémon learns no moves by TR.
  • Bold indicates a move that gets STAB when used by Cosmog
  • Italic indicates a move that gets STAB only when used by an evolution of Cosmog

By breeding

Generation VIII
Other generations:
 Parent   Move   Type   Cat.   Pwr.   Acc.   PP 
This Pokémon learns no moves by breeding.
  • Moves marked with an asterisk (*) must be chain bred onto Cosmog in Generation VIII
  • Moves marked with a double dagger (‡) can only be bred from a Pokémon who learned the move in an earlier generation.
  • Moves marked with a superscript game abbreviation can only be bred onto Cosmog in that game.
  • Bold indicates a move that gets STAB when used by Cosmog
  • Italic indicates a move that gets STAB only when used by an evolution of Cosmog

By tutoring

Generation VIII
Other generations:
 Game   Move   Type   Cat.   Pwr.   Acc.   PP 
This Pokémon learns no moves by tutoring.
  • Bold indicates a move that gets STAB when used by Cosmog
  • Italic indicates a move that gets STAB only when used by an evolution of Cosmog
  • Click on the generation numbers at the top to see Move Tutor moves from other generations

Anime-only moves

Move Type Episode
Supersonic  Normal  A Masked Warning!

Side game data

Pokémon Shuffle
None.webp Attack Power: 30 - 85 Raise Max Level.webp 5


Rarely erases five extra matching Pokémon elsewhere.


Pokémon Rumble Rush
Rush789Body.webp Walking Speed: 2.08 seconds Base HP: 46  
Base Attack: 59 Base Defense: 42 Base Speed: 60


Rare Candy
Level 43

First evolution
Rare Candy
Level 53
in Pokémon Sun, Ultra Sun, or Sword

Second evolution
 Psychic  Steel 
Rare Candy
Level 53
in Pokémon Moon, Ultra Moon, or Shield

Second evolution
 Psychic  Ghost 



This Pokémon was unavailable prior to Generation VII.
Generation VII  
Sun Moon   Ultra Sun Ultra Moon
Spr 7s 789.webp Spr b 7s 789.webp   Spr 7s 789.webp Spr b 7s 789.webp
Spr 7s 789 s.webp Spr b 7s 789 s.webp   Spr 7s 789 s.webp Spr b 7s 789 s.webp
Front Back   Front Back
Generation VIII  
Sword Shield
Spr 8s 789.webp Spr 8s 789 s.webp
HOME789.webp HOME789 s.webp
789MS8.webp For other sprites and images, please see Cosmog images on the Bulbagarden Archives.



  • Cosmog has the lowest base stat total of all Legendary Pokémon.
  • Cosmog has the smallest movepool of all Legendary Pokémon, with only two moves that it can learn.
  • Cosmog has an attack animation that is not used in battle but can be viewed in the Pokédex, the Alola Photo ClubPokémon Camp, and Pokémon HOME.
    • This attack animation can be seen in battle if a Pokémon with Illusion is disguised as Cosmog and uses an attacking move.
  • Cosmog's evolution into Cosmoem has the greatest standard deviation of all Pokémon, with 47.14, meaning that the changes to its base stats on evolving are the most uneven of all Pokémon.
  • Cosmog and Cosmoem are the only Legendary Pokémon line that evolves through leveling up.


Cosmog may be based on a molecular cloud, a type of nebula where star formation occurs.

Name origin

Cosmog may be a combination of cosmo and fog. It may also be a truncated form of cosmogony.

In other languages

Language Title Meaning
Japan Flag.webp Japanese コスモッグ Cosmog From cosmos and fog
France Flag.webp French Cosmog Same as English name
Spain Flag.webp Spanish Cosmog Same as English name
Germany Flag.webp German Cosmog Same as English name
Italy Flag.webp Italian Cosmog Same as English name
South Korea Flag.webp Korean 코스모그 Koseumogeu Transliteration of Japanese name
Hong Kong Flag.webp Cantonese Chinese 科斯莫古 Fōsīmohkgú Mandarin-based transliteration of Japanese name
China and Taiwan Flags.webp Mandarin Chinese 科斯莫古 Kēsīmògǔ Transliteration of Japanese name


Related articles

  • Nebby
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  • Light trio (Adventures)
  • Legendary Pokémon


  1.  Pokémon Sun and Moon site | Cosmog

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Tapu Fini #788: Tapu Fini
#790: Cosmoem Cosmoem
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